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Material: Fiberglass laminate board

Color: Black

Net Weight: 55g

Size: 225 x 78mm

Platform: QAV280 Quadcopter

Power outputs: filtered TBS CORE power, filtered BEC power, filtered battery power

Package size: 28.5 x 9.5 x 0.3cm

Reduce clutter and make setup easy.

Provides perfect RF shielding for noise isolation.

Diverse auxiliary pads for VTx, beepers, camera, alarms, etc.

Power configuration jumpers to setup on-board power routing.

Filtered video transmitter and camera power, except CORE filtering.

Speed controllers connect directly to the board, power and control.

BEC power filtered and load-balanced, attach to multiple BECs in parallel.

Package content:1 x PDB Board; 1 Set Cables

Note: The pictures are of the actual products. But due to the different light and monitor setting. Minor color difference maybe existed. Please understand and thank you very much.

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