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    This is a very small volume of simple 40 meter band micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver.

      The new "Forty-9er" kit has the following characteristics:

      • 1.The output power is raised to 3W, power output using an American ring, it has a strong remote communication capabilities, enhance the Forty-9er practicality!
      • 2.Increasing the side tone circuit, so that when you operate the transmitter, the headset can also listen to the keying signal, side tone circuit using an audio sine wave generator, the effect was significantly better than the ordinary sense of hearing frogs square wave generator.
      • 3.When the vibration frequency of the kit launch fixed 7.023MHz, when receiving the vibration frequency is 7.023-7.026MHz. PCB size is 6cm * 6cm.
      • 4.The kit can be easily placed in the PCB 65mm * 35mm * 100mm standard aluminum shell, the kit does not include this housing.

      The main index:

      • Power: 12V
      • Receive quiescent current: 23mA @ 12V
      • Emission current: 450mA @ 12V
      • Transmit power: 3W @ 12V
      • Frequency range: the vibration emission 7.023MHz, receive local oscillator 7.023-7.026MHz
      • Transceiver Distance: 100-300 km.
      • Mode: CW

      Circuit Schematics:
      Receiving section for a typical straight LM386 NE602 plus variable receiver.
      Emitting portion utilizes the oscillation circuit NE602, and then to do the buffer amplifier 8050, 8050 also as the transmission key, the last stage is a class C amplifier D882, and then send the LPF after the antenna is connected. There sidetone launch.

      Kit Description:
      This kit is not soldered, all shipments of electronic components, shop display of the finished picture, for reference when buying.

      Q: How far can be transmitted
      HF communication and propagation environment, antenna, equipment, operating level, and several other factors, alone device more difficult to guarantee a specific distance. Our suites are all classic models, a lot of people at home and abroad is already in use, the restaurant also has a client transmission performance is very good, the basic premise is that good performance antenna!

      Q: telegraph can talk it
      CW transceiver can not talk, only supports the SSB or FM modulation, such as a machine before they can talk, can only use the key transceiver transmitter and headphones receive messages.

      Q: key need to buy it
      For just beginners, amateur production expensive in DIY, do not recommend that you purchase an expensive key recommended homemade, find used mouse + MP3 headset line their own modified one.

      Q: What kind of antenna
      Recommended "dipole" or "inverted V antenna", you can query "shortwave dipole antenna" for more information.

      Package list:

      • 1x New "Forty-9er" kits (not assembled)
      • 1x Schematic diagram
      • 1x Assembly diagram

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