Our Company
mounmost Electronics is a leading Chinaelectronics retail company that is committed to providing our customers withquality, range, and value for money. We have a passion for electronics and areproud of the unique products we bring to our customers.

We have over 90 stores across China so if you'reafter a specific electronic component or any number of useful gadgets find yourclosest store and come visit us.

Our mission is to provide a wide selection ofquality electronic products at an affordable price.

mounmost Electronics employs almost 1000staff, many of whom have been with the company for many years. We fosterpromotion from within and develop our people as we continue to grow. If youhave a love of electronics and would like to join a vibrant and expandingcompany.

There are over 170 independent businesses in ourstockist network that shares our commitment to quality and service and make ourproducts available to a wider geographic area. 

Our buyers are electronics enthusiasts who have agenuine love of the products they buy. They scour the world to bring you thewidest range at the lowest price.